Program Details

The GMCA Graduate Consulting Program is a unique opportunity for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to apply their critical thinking and communication skills by solving real-life business problems for companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations in British Columbia.


A selected team of 5 graduate students will be exposed to a real-life business environment with a business client and will receive a series of training sessions and mentorship from local advisors, leaders in industry and consultants.


This year, our client is the BC Safety Authority, an independent corporation that oversees the safety of technical systems in industry and at home for the province of BC. Our challenge is to analyze and improve residential safety in rural BC communities; locations where data is scarce and compliance is fatally low.


Basic qualifications:

  1. graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

  2. interested in management consulting

  3. able to commit 1 day/week to team meetings and 1 day/month for client feedback

Desired qualities:

  1. critical thinker who can also "think outside the box"

  2. open to communicating with diverse groups of people

  3. delivers results in a fast-paced environment

  4. loves working in a team


Expected Tasks:

  1. interviewing BCSA staff, rural community leaders and other stakeholders for information

  2. weekly meetings and brainstorming with team members

  3. training sessions with advisors

  4. data collection and analysis

  5. data presentation



  1.  June - September 2017 (see link)

  2.  Team meetings once a week, client meeting once a month